Denis was interviewed by Faith Middleton on WNPR radio who had very kind words for The Bangkok World

“One of the best things that can happen to me when I’m reading a true story is that it just grabs me in a way that makes me feel that I’m right there. And this just happened this afternoon. I was reading the first chapter of Connecticut author Denis Horgan’s new book, “The Bangkok World.” I could see the roads, the bicycles on the road, the beauty and mystery of Bangkok.

“Denis, I have to say he is a master storyteller. This one is about his adventures as a young man in Asia, as a military officer and it’s about a way of newspapering back in the day that we will never see again and the disappearance of a millionaire silk genius, Jim Thompson. it’s all true. It all happened. And it’s the sort of story you might hear over a beer in a bar that’s crowded with experienced reporters who are just off deadline. This is the sort of stuff that people stand around and talk about.

“For me what makes Denis Horgan special, and readers of his Washington and Hartford Courant columns know this, is that words do not separate you from the story. You are in it with Denis Horgan and you just don’t want to stop reading.”

The entire interview can be found on the NPR link, starting at the 13:15 mark.


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