John F. Kennedy was president when Denis Horgan and Bill Harting met as undergraduates at Northeastern University in Boston. They worked together on the university newspaper, at the Quincy (Mass.) Patriot-Ledger, the Boston Globe and the Bangkok World. Now, after a half-century of friendship and collaboration, they worked together again to capture a very special era in “The Bangkok World.”

Denis E. Horgan


Denis Horgan is a veteran journalist and author who has worked for newspapers in Boston, Dublin, Washington, Hartford — and as editor of the Bangkok World in Thailand. Currently a resident of West Hartford, Connecticut, he has been an Army officer, a reporter, an editor, a columnist, a publisher and a copy boy. Beyond journalism, he has written books of essays (“Flotsam: A Life in Debris”), fiction (“The Dawn of Days”), short stories (“Ninety-Eight Point Six … and other stories”) and, now, memoir. He is a father of three, a grandfather of three and a husband of 45 years. He was born in a taxicab.

Denis in office crop

William A. Harting


If there was one thing William Harting learned at college, it was that he didn’t want to end up working for a newspaper. But he did, as a reporter and editor at Northeastern University, later in Quincy, Massachusetts, at the Globe in Boston and as managing editor of the Bangkok World. They’re the same anywhere. As much as the significance of the printed page, he is fascinated by the mechanics of the process, and that the one can’t exist without the other. He is equally fascinated with the ability of a photograph to tell a story, and continues to practice that art. He was not born in a taxicab.